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Piano & Keyboard Lessons

Leader Street School of Music | Piano Lessons
Leader Street School of Music is a professional Music Centre offering quality piano, keyboard, and theory lessons for children and adults.

Music students have the opportunity to work with a music teacher that has experience in the Australian music industry in the instrument/s they choose.

We provide highly qualified and experienced music tuition using proven teaching methods.

Through a unique approach to music education and advanced playing techniques, many students are able to play pieces easily and effectively from their very early lessons.

Each piano lesson is customised based on the student's abilities, difficulties, and interests, resulting in a personalised experience.

To encourage students to practise music they like, musical preferences are integrated into the curriculum.

We have over thirty years of professional teaching experience, and we use every piano method to help individuals overcome obstacles that are unique to them.

We provide students with a solid foundation in keyboard technique and musicianship so that they can explore all forms of music, because we believe in inspiring student's ideas and equipping them with the tools needed to attain their greatest potential, our teaching methodology is founded on this.
Leader Street School of Music | Childrens Piano Lessons

It's important to us at Leader Street School of Music that your child's piano lessons are engaging and fun.

All musical styles are explored. Students learn to make music at the keyboard in a relaxed and expressive way.

It's more than just a hobby to learn how to play the piano!

The ability to focus one's energy and attention on achieving musical goals gives children a sense of self-mastery that they can apply to other areas of their lives.

Our early lessons teach students to note read music.

Beginner piano lessons include;

  • posture and hand position
  • reading music notation
  • sight-reading
  • repertoire
  • rhythm and harmony
  • learning effective practice habits

We tutor children starting from 7 years of age.

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Leader Street School of Music

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